Packing your bags? Here's what to bring for Convention.

Shorts or casual jeans, and a tasteful t-shirt or polo. Comfortable shoes or sandals for walking in.

Wear For:

Game Night, Free Time in Austin

Snappy Casual

Nice jeans, chinos, slacks, shorts or khaki pants. Open-collar shirt. Presentable, close-toed shoes.

Wear For:

Opening Reception, Educational Sessions

Business Casual

Slacks or khaki pants (not jeans) paired with an open-collar shirt and optional suit coat or sport jacket.

Wear For:

Live & Silent Auction, 1899 Society Event

Business Professional

A suit or sport jacket with dress pants, dress shoes and either a tie or bowtie. Tux optional for Awards Banquet.

Wear For:

ICA, Bond Eternal, Awards Banquet

Michelle's Closet

In need of some new business attire? Michelle has you covered.

Building Better (Dressed) Men

Proper attire is key for Convention. Introducing Michelle’s Closet—a free resource to get the dress clothes you need! Convention, job interviews, formal events—wherever you're going, you'll show up in style.

After completing registration, fill out the Michelle's Closet Request form with applicable sizes. We'll take it from there! You can also make a donation, if you have gently-used suits, shirts, ties, socks, shoes, belts, pants or sport coats that you're ready to part with. Just submit the Michelle's Closet Donation form after completing registration. Remember to bring those items to Convention!

Questions? Contact Michelle

Contact Michelle via phone/email below, or review the summary PDF for more info.

Email: | Phone: 502.548.3853